Response to "The aim of University Training"

I have {1}been thinking about this topic all the timeCut since the first day of my university life.

I alwaysWChoice {2} wonder why we have to go to a university. It seems that university students have countlessWChoice {3} homework to do, lots of reports to write, and abundant of{4} exams to take. The courses appear to be boredWForm {5}, plainCut, and difficult to followWChoice {6}, and the professors in most cases lookWChoice {7} aloof.

On the other hand, we seldom meetWChoice {8} people in class. University students in Taiwan tend to cut classes in order to do part-time jobs. Even if they do show up in class, their indifferencesSpl and lack of enthusiasm for class participationCut lead to a big question mark in my head: Why even bother to enroll at the first place{9}? This also brings about fragmentation in class andCut I often find it quite hard to k now each other well and meet someone worth making good friends with.

However, after reading this article, my views on this subject getVTense {10} completely refreshed and until now{11} I start to see university education from a totally oppositeWChoice {12} perspective. While I keep blaming my classmates and professors for not beingCut acting ideally to my expectation, the author gives outCut a very clear picture of what he thinks are the main focuses of university education, which is all about looking inside yourself and self-development.{13} The aimSpl of university education is about{14} society advancement, developing {***}MissingW {15}abilities of independent thinking and judgment, fitting in and influencing others???, and finally enjoying with oneself??? {16} and self-development.

Here are some shortWChoice {17} plans I will try to implement in the coming semester in order to at least act closer to John's{18} descriptions of a university student. I would try to watch eloquent contests{19} and go to speeches so as to learn how to adequately and clearly express myself. I would also try to fit myself into any chosen group in my class in order to learn how to interact with a group of people, to admire what others' do better than I{20} while still appreciateWForm {21} what I really am. Let's wait and see how far I can go with these plans.

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Feedback (1)
The author fulfilled the teacher's expectations of a response essay. Instead of simply focusing on the main idea in the article, she also discussed her personal experiences to support her own point of view. The best thing is she was inspired to lay out a plan to achieve the aim of university training. I don't think a teacher could ask for more.