Why Bob Adams Is Healthy

L. F. Wang

    There are several factorsWChoice {1} to explain Bob Adams is a good healthChinese English {2}. He eats properly. He never eats pizza, cookies and candy bars. His favorite foods are milk, meat, cauliflower, carrotSing/Plu, green beans and spinach. He also eats a lot of fruits such as apples, bananas, oranges and so on. Second{***}Punctuation {3} he takes exercise{4} every day. He get up early morningMissingW {5} and goes to bed on time. He usually takes a joggingWChoice {6} and plays tennis and basketball. Sometimes he climbs the mountain{7} with his friends on Sunday morning. But the most important causeWChoice of Bob Adams' healthy{8} is probably his school job. He doesn't feel a great deal of stress and enjoys his work. He has enough time to do his work properly. His work never makes him too tiredChinese English {9} and he always keeps a good mind in his usually life timeChinese English {10}. As for himredundant, he must have{11} a good health,Punctuation {12} because of his good habits.

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1Singular/plural error
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1The phrase or sentence is not necessary.
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