How would you describe Shihlin Night Market to a foreign friend who has never been there?

    Shihlin Night Market is one of the biggest night market in Taipei. Undoubedly, Shihlin Night Market is a very famous place where filled with{1} many amazing things. Almost all the people in Taipei know Shihlin Night Market. If you visit Taipei, you should not pass up the opportunity to{2} {***}MissingW Shihlin Night Market.

    There are many good offerings in Shihlin Night Market{3} including nice food, good vender{4} {***}Sing/Plu, store, and fun places. The food in Shihlin Night Market is not only special but also delicious, with one bit,{5} {***}Spl you will be addicted. The clothes isSing/Plu {6} cheap but not out of fashion. After crazyWChoice {7} eating and shopping, you wont fell boringWChoice {8}because there are many fun places like theaters, KTVs, and video arcades. The scheduleWChoice {9}in Shihlin Night Market is{10} really colorful and funny{11} {***}WChoice.

    Finally, I want to say if you come to Taipei you must visit Shihlin Night Market.{12} {***}FragmentJust like you should see the great wallCapitalization {13}

when you visit chinaCapitalization {14}.

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