How would you describe Shihlin Night Market to a foreign friend who has never been there?

Shih Night Market is the biggest, most populr, most crowded and oldest night market in Taipei. Over a century old, the Shihlin Night Market is justly famous for both the quality{1}. The area is a good place to fill yourself up onPreposition {2} delicious dumplings, fried pasties, duck wings, chicken steaks, and my personal favorite, the Shanghai fried buns. And{3} Shihlin Night Market has a carnival-like atmosphere, with games like catching a goldfish using a tissue paper net, and shooting plastic cans with air rifles. You can find deals on clothing, shoes, and other accessories. And{4} you will feel{5} that all things in the Shihlin Night Market seem to be cheaper.

So you must go to the Shihlin Night Market when you come to Taipei. AndCut I will take you to eat some{***}MissingW {6} my favorite food ofPreposition {7} the Shihlin Night Market.

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Although the writing is short, it gives some interesting information about the games that are available in the market.
Instead of copying sentences from the book, the author tries to write his own sentences. Good effort!!!