How is Soochow University different from other universities in Taiwan?

by Tsai, Guo-xin

Soochow University is differenceVForm {1} from other universities in two ways. These differences make the university a special place for learning.

The first and mostWChoice {2} difference is{***}MissingW {3} it's well located. The university has two campuses apartCut in Waishuangxi and downtown Taipei. The former is located near the National Palace Museum. TheCut goodCapitalization resources are easily accessible for students of the School of Arts and ScienceWChoice {4}. And the latter is located in Taipei downtown. Students here can make good use of instantWChoice {5} information about business and law.

Second, all professors and assistantCut lecturers are friendly and approachable. They are all willing to help students to solve their problems, no matter how petty it isSing/Plu {6}.

So,Cut these two differences make Soochow University different from other universities. As a student of this University, I am so appreciatedWChoice {7} that I can join intoCut this big family, making friends and learning {***}MissingW {8}here.



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