The Most Unforgettable Experience in My Life

Y. L. Chiu

I've {1} {***}VTense just passed my 20th birthday {2}2 months ago, and it was this year that I got the {***}MissingW {3}special birthday gift I'd ever received in all my life--a romance.

I met him during the winter vacation. At first, he often asked me to help him practice Chinese. He showed great interest in learning Chinese, which left a good impression on meGoodWordChoice. So I was willing to help him. As time passed, I could feel that there was a {***}WChoice {4}glamour in his eyes when he looked at me. One day, while strolling around the campus after lunch, he showed me a card{***}Conj/Trans {5}he made it himself with a rose on it, and {6}said "A rose for Alison." Without any experience of love, I was stupid enough to ask whether he liked me or not. He nodded his head with a pleasant smile and asked me if I would like to be his girl friend.

A foreign student who only {***}VTense {7}stay here for three months, the problem of communication, and {8}how {9}whould others think of me as "Honkey's girl friend", {10}all of those thoughts prevented me from giving him {***}Arta answer he wanted. I turned him down immediately. But we still spent much time together, and I claimed that we could only be friends.

However, the reality of it has turned out to be something else. Once we had not seen each other for a week, for he was {***}WChoice {11}hosted to southern Taiwan during the Chinese New Year. To my surpriseGoodWordChoice, I started to miss him and I missed him more than I thought{12} it was possible that I missed anymore. For the first time, I realized there was a special feeling in my heart which had been {***}Splnurishing{13} for a period of time, and I know how much I liked him. Then I told him {14}I'd like to change my mind{***}Conj/Trans {15}to be his girl friend.

Afterward, my life began to change a little. He was fun to be withGoodGrammar and we went out for picnicking or movies several times. He let me experience love and I did appreciate it. It was on my birthday that we went out to celebrate. During the dinner, he asked me {***}Fragment {16}how was my birthday gift-pizza, which he {***}VTense {17}bought me. "Pretty good, I enjoyed it a lot," I said. After a moment of silence, I continued to say "but you are the wonderful birthday gift that has been give me."

Now, the giver of the wonderful birthday gift{***}VTense {18} had already gone. What he left {***}MissingW {19}was {***}Art {20}the unforgettable bitter sweet experience. I remember{***}MissingW {21} that day he left me, both of us cried. Just like {22}what he said {***}WChoice {23}from the start, "Knowing you is both pleasant and painful." I think he was right. I won't resent knowing him and I will cherish his memory forever.

All rights are reserved by Cynthia Yu.{24}2003.Oct.



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