The Traffic Problem in Taipei

Y. H. Yuan

    Recently, the traffic chaos,Punctuation {1} in Taipei, has become a serious problem. There are several causes that can explain why it happened.redundant {2} One is the careless pedestrians. Most people like to cut shortWChoice {3} by jaywalking instead of walking in sidewalksWChoice {4}. This situation is easy to become a terrible accidentChinese English {5} especially in the nightWChoice {6}. In addition, theArt {7} careless drivers should be blameWForm {8}, too. They usually beatWChoice {9} the traffic signals, press hornsWChoice {10}, and change lanes at random. The worse is that if a driver fails to slow down, the improper swervelogic {11} even often become a chain collision. But the most importantWChoice {12} cause of our trqaffic impossibilityWChoice {13} is the serious shortage of parking lotsWChoice {14}. Because there has no Taipei the low service quality of buses and the improvement of our materials lifeParallel {15} bothWChoice {16} make people {17} {***}Chinese English buy more cars for themselves. Illegal parkings further aggravateS/VAgreement {18} the traffic situation.

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1Subject/verb agreement error
1Article error
1Parallel construction problem
9Poor word choice
1Word form
1The phrase or sentence is not necessary.
2Translate Chinese into English word for word
1must build a relationship between two things
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Positive total: 0